Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Tool box 48-22-8424 - Kaizen Foam Insert

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  • When Purchasing the "Fill" Option, the 30mm thick piece goes in first, then the 57mm goes on top
  • Milled (or grooved) edges always face down in the box to accommodate taper and box extrusions
  • The 8424 foam lid insert is not made to hold tools, but more of an additional pad for compression
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  • $14.50 Lid Layer

Fastcap Kaizen foam cut specifically for your Tool Box in your color choice!

- Be sure to choose the thickness and color

- These Foam inserts are 3D CNC cut to fit your Box precisely

- Easily mark out with our Long Nose Marker and cut out with the Kaizen knife

- Simply cut & peel the layers away for a perfect fit

The Tool box is NOT included, it is shown only for reference

NOTE ON LID: Foam Lid inserts do not come in colors

7/8" (20mm) - Not available in Red or Yellow Sandwich color

30mm (1 1/8")

57mm (2 1/4")

Fill "close to" Top (57mm & 30mm)- depending on variable foam thickness, there will be .5-.875 of space to edge of box


Lid Layer Installation

Step 1: